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Why every California resident needs estate planning

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2021 | Estate Planning

Like many people, you may have been putting off estate planning because you think that you’re not wealthy enough. However, estate planning is for everyone. Read on to discover the importance of estate planning and why it is vital for you and your family regardless of your financial status.

Estate planning brings peace of mind

One of the biggest benefits of estate planning is peace of mind. It will help you rest easy knowing that you have taken steps to provide for your loved ones even when you’re not there. This is something that many people take for granted until they find themselves in an emergency without a will or estate plan.

Estate planning prevents legal problems

Another important benefit you’ll get from updating your estate plan is that it prevents legal problems after you’re gone. Without a will, the state laws govern how your assets get distributed. In this kind of situation, it’s easy for your family to get into costly property disputes with other relatives or family members.

When you make a will, you can appoint an independent executor to take care of your estate according to the terms laid out in your will. This helps ensure that all assets get distributed according to your wishes.

Estate planning can save you money

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy; everyone wants a way to reduce estate taxes. By putting your assets into a well-planned trust, you can effectively reduce the amount in taxes you must pay at death. This is especially important for younger people who haven’t yet accumulated much wealth.

Creating and regularly updating your estate plan may seem like a cumbersome and expensive process. However, you’ll enjoy several benefits when you take the time to plan ahead.