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Now Is The Time To Prepare For Tomorrow With Estate Planning

Planning for your future involves financial planning, establishing 401ks, setting up HRAs and life insurance policies, and possibly buying stocks. But a crucial step that many people overlook is preparing for the time when you are unable to act for yourself, or when you have passed on. At Goodrich & Cheung, LLP, we can help you plan for the times when you cannot act for yourself.

Proper estate planning can help protect your best interests and help your loved ones distribute your estate after your passing in a timely and efficient manner. The efforts you take now can drastically reduce the time and effort needed to navigate through this process. Our experienced attorneys can assist you with creating or revising an estate plan that meets your unique needs.

What Estate Planning Can Do For You

Estate planning is a process that covers many aspects of your future, whether you are alive or if you have passed on:

  • If you are still living, but your health leaves you unable to communicate your wishes, the power of attorney you assigned would be able to make financial and/or health care decisions on your behalf. The health care directive you drafted would specify what medical decisions you would choose regarding life support and other major medical issues.
  • If you have passed on, the wills and trusts you have created will answer the majority of questions that your friends and family might have, and also help distribute your estate to the people and organizations you wish to receive it. The executive or administrator you have chosen will also be able to help with this process.
  • Having a strong will or trust can make the probate process more manageable. Probate is a legal process that occurs after a person’s death to settle their estate. This process can lead to many questions and we can provide answers.

Our team of lawyers can help you draft any necessary documents, review your assets and goals to determine what your specific situation calls for, and even help you revise any previous estate plans.

Let Our Experience Protect Your Future

No one can tell you what is coming around the corner, but we can help you prepare for the worst. We are dedicated to our clients and provide experienced, caring representation as we draft wills and create estate plans as well as during the probate process. If you are ready to begin your estate planning with an experienced California attorney, contact us at our San Diego office by calling 858-429-9958, or our El Centro office at 858-429-9958 today.