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Experienced, Compassionate Divorce Attorneys Offering Knowledgeable Guidance And Skillful Representation

Although divorce is common, that fact may be only a small consolation when it happens to you. Divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences someone goes through in a lifetime. An entire family’s destiny changes course when spouses go their separate ways. The same is true for many unmarried people in committed domestic partnerships. Splitting up a household can be a complicated process, especially when either spouse or partner contests the separation.

We Handle All Types Of Divorce, Including Uncontested, Contested And High-Asset Divorces

At Goodrich & Cheung, LLP, after more than 15 years practicing family law in central San Diego, we are very familiar with the challenges our divorce clients face, as they grapple with:

  • Property division
  • Spousal support, in some cases
  • Child custody, visitation and child support when there are minor children of the marriage
  • Domestic violence and restraining orders, when these issues arise

From our law offices in San Diego and El Centro, we primarily serve clients in the area of San Diego and Imperial counties. Clients come from communities near and far, such as Escondido. We handle divorces in family law courts throughout the region. Telecommunications allow us to stay in close contact with clients throughout their cases, regardless of where they live.

We value our clients’ time and money, and work according to contain legal costs whenever we can. We also understand the strong emotional components of divorce, and advise our clients on ways to deal with the effects of divorce on children and other difficult aspects of a marital dissolution.

What If Divorcing Spouses Agree? Does Goodrich & Cheung, LLP, Offer Streamlined Family Law Solutions?

Goodrich & Cheung, LLP, often receives inquiries from people who want “simple, cheap divorces.” If you and your spouse truly agree on all aspects of your divorce, you can keep the costs down and processes simple. But please be aware that many, many couples who expect to have amicable, uncontested divorces soon discover that their divorces are more complicated than they expected. Our attorneys work hard to help clients stay focused on the goal of a reasonable outcome, rather than a perfect outcome.

Contested Divorce And Other Difficult Family Law Cases

Do you suspect that your spouse has undeclared hidden assets? Does your high-asset divorce entail division of retirement accounts, stocks, bonds, investment properties or other complex assets? Our knowledgeable California divorce lawyers are prepared to help you tackle and get through challenges such as these.

To schedule a consultation, call 858-429-9958 or email us. We look forward to the opportunity to hear about your situation and recommend a course of action that will accomplish your goals.