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How does the fiscal year impact immigration?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Immigration Law

For immigrants coming to the United States on a work visa, the fiscal year is an important point to understand. It is different from the calendar year.

The fiscal year is a 12-month period the government uses to do business. It determines when budgets run and also impacts the number of visas available.

Fiscal year important points

One thing to know about the U.S. fiscal year is that it runs from October 1 to September 1 each year. This is in contrast to the calendar year, which runs from January 1 to December 31. For each fiscal year, the country offers about 140,000 employment visas.

Why the fiscal year is important

You need to understand the fiscal year as an immigrant coming to work in the U.S. because it will impact your visa process. If you try to come closer to the end of the year, around August, you may not have the ability to secure a visa. But if you wait until October, you will have a whole new supply of visas ready for you, increasing your chances of getting one. Note that demand is also highest at the start of the fiscal year, but because there are the most visas available, you still have a better chance to get one.

The fiscal year may not be something you know about when you begin your visa journey. However, it is something worth noting as it can impact your ability to secure a visa and should determine when you apply for the best chances of approval.