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What are some traits of a good executor?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2022 | Estate Planning

Considering who will take care of your estate and talk to your beneficiaries after you die may seem like a big task.

Knowing what skills and traits are a sign of a quality executor can allow you to find someone suited for this role.

Thoughtful spending habits

According to Kiplinger, you should ensure that whoever you choose has a history of using money wisely. Since an executor may need to purchase a type of insurance called bonding, they should be able to prove they are responsible and will not steal or misuse your money.

Due to this person’s responsibility to handle your assets and pay off your debts, you should feel secure in the idea of the person using your money.

Respectful interactions with beneficiaries

During this emotional time, your beneficiaries may have various questions and worries. Choosing an executive who understands and respects your loved ones well enough to answer these questions and help them is important.

This person should help minimize drama as well. If they frequently fight with your family members or friends, it may lead to worse arguments when heirlooms and inheritances are part of the discussion.

Time and energy for the role

An executor who is willing to focus on the probate process and take the necessary steps to distribute assets will need to schedule time to complete these duties.

Someone who may abandon their fiduciary duties or neglect to send in important papers on time may not be a worthy choice. Knowing why executors are so important and how to find a good one can help you feel relaxed about your choice.