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Speeding and serious traffic collisions

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Bankruptcy

If a speeding driver collides with you, the chances of suffering a serious injury are especially high. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that drivers speed for many different reasons, whether they have a false sense of anonymity when driving or they struggle with road rage or want to make it to work on time. That said, drivers have no excuse for reckless behavior that endangers lives.

It is important for every driver to understand how widespread speeding is and the consequences of this behavior.

The impact of speed-related accidents

The NHTSA says that speeding makes drivers more likely to lose control of their cars, and high speeds can lead to more significant injuries when an accident takes place. Sadly, speeding led to the loss of more than 11,200 lives in 2020 alone. Moreover, speeding played a role in 29% of all traffic accident deaths in 2020.

Watch out for speeding drivers

The NHTSA recommends a number of strategies to avoid a speed-related collision. If a speeding driver is following you too closely, try to safely get out of the way. While driving in the left-hand lane, move over to let a driver pass if they want to, and give drivers going too fast additional space.

Unfortunately, people cannot always avoid accidents with other drivers who go too fast, especially if a vehicle abruptly switches lanes or appears around a sharp turn. It is vital to have a clear understanding of what occurred and gather evidence if you find yourself or someone you love injured in a speeding accident.