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Can long distance co-parenting work for you?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2022 | Family Law

Many parents have this idea in their head that they can only be a good parent if they have a constant presence in their child’s life. This real, physical presence is a great thing to have and does come with many benefits. However, it is not always feasible.

This is especially true in co-parenting situations where one parent needs to relocate due to work, life circumstances, military obligations or so on.

Reasons for long-distance co-parenting

As Parents Magazine states, many families make their long distance co-parenting situations work. One parent may have to move away for an extended period of time for various reasons, despite the implications for their familial ties. For example, they may need to relocate due to military orders or to get a job that will improve their life by leaps and bounds. Some have to move to take care of sick or elderly relatives.

Utilizing technology

In this time, it would be easy for a parent to end up losing contact with their children. But they can avoid this outcome by making use of the technology that we all see every day. Many people in the older generations feel that a phone call or video chat serves no true substitute for seeing someone face-to-face. However, younger generations who have grown up alongside this technology often do not put much stake on this difference.

In fact, many younger people have a higher level of comfort with technological communication over in-person communication. Parents can easily set up a schedule that works with their child which makes use of video chats, phone calls, text messaging and more. This allows a bond to continue growing and strengthening while also keeping one’s child at ease.