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How do you work together with the other parent?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Family Law

Perhaps you and your ex did not end your marriage on a pleasant note. You two must still work together to raise your shared child, but the new relationship feels strained.

Parents magazine offers tips for co-parenting when you have a rocky relationship with the other parent. Your feelings toward your ex need not impede giving your shared child a great life.

Prioritize respect over like

You do not need to like the other parent, only respect her or him. Focus on modeling good behavior for your child. Another reason to model respect is to protect your child’s mental health. Witnessing parental arguments and disrespect could lead to feelings of insecurity and powerlessness.

Treat your co-parent like a co-worker

Look at the other like a co-worker. This may help you avoid experiencing high emotions. Address the other parent like you would someone you work with. View your shared child as the business you talk about verbally and through digital communication.

Establish boundaries and rules

It makes sense to establish the same set of rules for your child in both households. That way, you give your child consistency. You could also establish boundaries between yourself and the other parent. For instance, maybe you would rather not talk about your personal life or your plans for your child when you have custody.

Keep the lines of communication open

To stay in your child’s life when she or he visits your ex, maintain the lines of communication with your former spouse. Ask about problems at school, your child’s moods, concerns and how doctor’s visits went. Aim for addressing problems in both households, not just one.

With the right insights, you may have an easier time getting along with your ex.