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What is a digital will?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2021 | Estate Planning

Wills aren’t exactly known for being convenient. Many people in California put off writing one because they don’t want to deal with the hassle. With the advent of modern technology, some people have wondered if they can speed up the process by creating an electronic will.

Can you write your will online?

There’s no law that prohibits writing a digital will. However, it could create a number of issues. For example, it’s much easier for someone to tamper with an online will. They could easily type one, print it out and tell the individual to sign it without reading it.

Additionally, an online will tends to oversimplify the process. Some e-file services claim they can make the process quick and easy with a simple video chat. However, a video chat isn’t enough if you have a large estate with significant assets. You’ll need to figure out how to divide up your estate, pay off your debts, avoid estate taxes as much as possible and plan for most eventualities.

An online will isn’t a replacement for a physical will written with the help of an estate planning attorney. In fact, a digital will could cause even more trouble for your family after you’re gone. Your family members could argue over assets that you forgot to include or claim that you signed an altered version of your will.

How can you plan your estate?

A digital will might not be the best option, but you could still have an attorney’s help to make the process easier. Even if you don’t have many properties, you’ll have to value your estate to make sure that you fairly divide up your assets.